Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

What are your area limitations?

Answer : 4wd vehicle is North to Cooktown and west to Chillagoe.

2wd vehicles is north to Cooktown via inland road only and south to Airlie beach and west to the Tablelands.

Can I leave the car at the airport?

Answer : Yes you can leave the car in our car parking spot at the airport however we charge $25.00 for parking and retrieval.

What is the minimum age to rent a car?

Answer : 21 years old.

Do I still have to pay for the excess if the accident wasn't my fault?

Answer : Yes you do until we retrieve the money owing from the offending party and then you are refunded.

Do I have to fill up the car on return?

Answer : Yes the cars are rented full of fuel and are to be returned full of fuel. If they are not then you will be charged for fuel used plus a refilling surcharge of $50.00.

Baby and Booster Seats?

Answer : We provide baby and child booster seats to be included in your car hire at $5 per day. Please note that the Queensland State Law states that installation of baby seats are the sole responsibility of the parent or carer. We can provide you with the baby/booster seats but the responsibility of installation is yours.


Is a credit card required to hire a vehicle?

Answer : No a credit card is not required to hire a vehicle although conditions apply. We do accept a cash bond if you don't have a credit card. Upon returning the hire car vehicle, this bond is refunded to you.

Is it possible to return my hire vehicle after hours?

Answer : Yes it is possible. When you pick up the car we will give you instructions on how to do. 

I am arriving in Cairns in the early hours of the morning or after hours. May I collect my car hire?

Answer : In certain circumstances you may collect your car hire vehicle but it must be with prior arrangement.

Is it possible to drop off my car hire vehicle in a different town other than Cairns?

Answer : No. All our cars must be returned to our Cairns city office unless prior arrangements have been made to leave the car at Cairns airport.

Are there any age limits for renting an all day Car Rentals Cairns hire car?

Answer : You must be over 21 years old. We also rent to P plate drivers, but conditions apply. 

Do you do airport or hotel pickups?

Answer : Yes - no problem! Just book a car in advance by telephone or internet and call (07) 4031 1326 ONCE YOU HAVE COLLECTED YOUR BAGS - to let us know you have arrived. We pick up between 8am and 4pm.

Can I use my debit card instead of a credit card to pay for my care hire?

Answer : Yes you can use a debit card to hire a vehicle.

What happens if the hire car breaks down?

Answer : In the event of a breakdown we provide FREE 24 hour RACQ roadside assistance with every car hire. Should you have any car problems then just call us on our 24 hour telephone number and we will organize RACQ roadside assistance. If the car problem is a result of your doing then you will be charged the RACQ call-out fee of $95 plus any extras applicable.

How far in advance do I need to book my hire car?

Answer : During our busy season, April to December and during school holidays we advise that you book at least 2 weeks ahead to make sure the rental vehicle you want is available.

What are the boundaries I can travel?

Answer : 

All Vehicles must be driven on sealed/bitumen roads at all times with the exceptions of 4wd’s.
Boundary’s for 2wd vehicles are:
1 Day Hire: North to Cape Tribulation, South to Mission Beach, 400km's free.
2 Day Hire: North to Cooktown, South to Townsville.
5 Day Minimum Hire: North to Cooktown, South to Airlie Beach.
Travel out of these areas must have prior authorisation from A1 Car Rentals.
All vehicles can only be driven on recognised roads as shown on maps.

Boundary’s for 4WD Vehicles are as per agreed contract with A1 Car Rentals.

Is there a surcharge for credit card?

Answer : There is a 1% surcharge for Mastercard and Visa cards and 5% surcharge for American Express.

Can you take your vehicles on gravel roads?

Answer : No you cannot take them on gravel roads as you are not covered by insurance. You must stay on bitumen/sealed roads only. Only 4WD vehicles can travel on dirt/gravel roads.









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